Wednesday, November 09, 2016

We Get Fed Up

"We do not respect the fact that Trump is president of the United States. This country has had its endless share of bigotry and racism, even under the most seemingly progressive of leaders. There is, however, a nakedness to Trump's racism, sexism, and classist opportunism that has made us all wake up to the path this country is on. We have not been okay with it, and we will no longer be tricked into sitting still and quiet, so that the 'lesser of two evils' can reign supreme.  
No to Trump and no to any future leaders who prey on our fear and lie to us plainly be they dressed as friends or foes. No to a president that wants to ban all Muslims. No to a president who calls Mexicans rapists. No to rape culture. No to a president that not so subtly romanticises white supremacy and mourns its loss though we all know it has been alive and well. No to leaders who propagate the destruction of our environment. 
No also to submitting to the Democratic Party's wishes to give Trump a chance. We won't. These political parties have failed us. We are sad, we are angry, and we are powerful. We will not just submit to business as usual. They've had their chance. 
Trump is not our president.  
Please join us in anger, despair, triumph, and resilience as we refuse this farce of democracy. We will meet at 6 pm this Friday in Historic Fourth Ward Park at the North Avenue entrance (across the street from Ponce City Market and beside the Masquerade). 
Then, we will march."

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