Sunday, November 06, 2016

We Get Electrocuted

I had an interesting brunch with Britney today where we discussed, among a great many other things, the pros and cons of staying in Trump's America and trying to change things for the better in the event that he's elected, versus moving away and giving up on this nation.  My feeling is that Trump is an idiot and if you vote for him so are you, and I don't see the point of staying and trying to save a nation full of idiots.  Besides, if we've learned anything from history, we've learned that once tyrants take power (and trust me, Trump will be a tyrant), they don't relinquish that power readily, so the chances of trying to have a positive impact during a Trump presidency will be very slim indeed.

New Zealand reportedly has more sheep than people, but if Trump is elected, we will learn that America has fewer thinking people than sheep, and by "sheep," I don't mean the four-legged kind.

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