Saturday, November 26, 2016

As the horror shock of realization that the U.S. really, actually did elect Donald Trump to the presidency starts to recede, the deeper realization that this won't last long materializes.  Everything is impermanent and nothing lasts forever, and between the latest election recounts, the impeachment efforts already starting to form, and the staggering old age of the President Elect himself, I don't believe he's going to last a full four years.  A reasonable prediction is that within the next 12 months, he'll claim some reason or another to have to step aside, possibly due to some alleged attack on his business interests that requires his full attention  (he's always playing the victim card), and he will end his garish and damaging occupancy in the White House.

Of course, a Mike Pence Presidency doesn't promise to be much better, but we can only awaken from one nightmare at a time.

Also, ha, ha, the police crashed their own cars into each other. LOL! 

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