Monday, October 03, 2016

We Get Jury Duty

Arggh!  I've got jury duty tomorrow!  Couldn't get out of it.

It seems like I get at least summoned just about every year, and this year I have to actually show up downtown for duty.  

A long time ago, the Buddha described suffering as not getting what you want or getting that which you don't want. How much I torture myself and how much I suffer over getting jury duty tomorrow is entirely proportional to how much I cling to a) not wanting jury duty, and b) wanting to be free of jury duty, neither of which I really have control over, even though we all like to imagine that we're all in control of everything ("master of my fate, captain of my soul" etc.).   

If I decide to just go with the flow of things and see what unfolds, it might no be as unpleasant an experience as it would be if I resist and grimace all the way through the whole process.  Let's see how well that attitude holds up at 7:00 am tomorrow morning. 

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Donna said...

I feel for you. I also always get called for Jury Duty. This time it's Superior Court all the way in downtown Salem, MA on Nov. 8. That means on the road by 6:30 am to be there at 8:00. Ugh!