Thursday, September 22, 2016

I maintain several blogs now, or to put it more accurately, several blogs now maintain me. A daily blog is a demanding mistress.

I recognize and admit that this blog has lately devolved into nothing more than daily postings of random photographs (pic related), a few cryptic statements, some cut-and-paste Zen gibberish, and the occasional travelogue.  

Most of my energy as of late has been going into the music blog, Music Dissolves Water, which lately has included more than just videos I like and reviews of shows, although there's still lots of both of those. But I've also been subversively sneaking some dharma between the beats, as well as some philosophy, I Ching, and, of course, autobiography, because it's all about me, right?  What's a blog, anyway, if not a celebration of the ego?

The energy ebbs and flows.  At other times, MDW is an embarrassing collection of trendy, flavor-of-the-week, P4k hype, and my energy is back over here at WDW.  Then it's the other way again, and on many days there's no energy that goes into either, nothing posted but a couple of thudding turds on both sites, and on some rare days, very rare days, I simultaneously knock it out of the park on both sites, if I should say so myself.  

Anyway, I'm just saying "Hi" (Hi!).  If you're bored of what's here, stop by there, and if that's not to your taste, then stay here or better yet, start your own blog.  I'm sure you can do this better than I do. 

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