Wednesday, June 29, 2016

We Get On The Road

When we practice something, we become better at that thing that we're practicing, and we're always practicing something.

When I travel, I practice awareness and attentiveness and adventurousness and I become more aware, more attentive, and more adventurous.  When I'm home, I practice complacency, I practice familiarity, I practice at assumptions, and I become more complacent, more familiar, more assuming.

When I travel, I practice not knowing.  When I'm home, I practice knowing (and no one likes a know-it-all).

Of course, we don't need to book expensive and time-consuming trips to practice the traveling attributes.  With a little bit of training, we can practice awareness and attentiveness and adventurous right here at home, right now (this very moment).  

And as for complacency, familiarity, and assumptiveness, we can instead substitute the practice of intimacy, contentment, and being centered, and doesn't becoming more intimate, content and centered sound a lot nicer than complacent, familiar, and assuming?

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