Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I've been having fun all day today thinking of new and different situations that would prevent someone from getting a new Secure ID driver's licence in Georgia and then not be able to show a valid photo ID to vote.

Here's one:  Imagine that you just got your PhD in, let's say, political science.  You've been in school for years and don't yet have a job, so you're living at your parents house.  Not an unusual situation in this day and age.  Well, in Georgia, you won't be able to show proof of residence and get a Secure ID driver's licence because you won't have employer's verification and the utility bills are in your parent's name. It's even worse if your parents had remarried and you don't have the same last name as your parents. You might have money in the bank (but probably don't) and can show a bank statement with your address, but you need TWO forms of proof of residence, and without either a utility bill in your name or employer's verification, you're out of luck.  No driver's licence (which further impairs your ability to find employment) and no vote.  Take THAT, Mr. Poly Sci!

Okay, here's another one:  let's say your're a native-born American citizen, and your house burned down, destroying your birth certificate and passport with it.  Well, until you can get replacements for either one of those (no small bureaucratic challenge, especially if you lost both), you won't be able to show the proof of citizenship required for a Georgia Secure ID driver's licence and you won't be able to vote.  There's a third option - you can show a certificate of naturalization, but if you're native born, you won't have that, and even if you did, it would probably have been lost in the fire, too. 

So, here's the thing:  I do have the necessary paperwork and credentials and proofs to get a Secure ID driver's licence in Georgia and I will be able to vote, and I'll be using my franchise to vote out of office the jack-asses who passed the laws making it so difficult to be able to vote (and drive!).

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