Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Moving slowly toward resolution . . . I've had three things hanging over my head, in some cases literally, that are finally getting taken care of these past few weeks.

First, I had a deposition on a court case I'm supporting as an expert witness that had been weighing on my mind, and was finally held, after several delays and reschedulings, last week.  So, one down.

Second, I had to give a presentation to a professional organization on the work that I've been doing over at Fort McPherson.  After much preparation, I gave that presentation today and it was very well received.  Two down.

Finally, on Monday and Tuesday of next week, the much discussed killer tree leaning over my house will be the third thing to come down  - not crashing down in a storm (I hope), but taken down by a professional tree removal company.

I'm sure my mind will come up with new things to worry about after that's done, but I've made some real progress on taking down three of the burdens recently troubling my state of mind.

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Donna said...

Love your post! I can't wait until your tree has finally come down.