Thursday, December 24, 2015

It's flooding in Georgia.  Many roads are either inundated or washed out altogether, trees are falling and damaging homes and power lines and blocking the roads that aren't underwater or eroded away, and creeks and streams are overtopping their banks and spilling out into residential neighborhoods. 

One of the very few things that I like about this is how the flooding doesn't discriminate between wealthy and poor parts of town - everyone's getting wet and everybody's suffering.

I'm safe and unaffected so far, and fortunately I don't have any travel plans for the holidays that could be impacted by the challenges to mobility posed by these storms.

For the record, the warm temperatures across the eastern U.S. and the flooding down South have little to do with the phenomenon of climate change.  The weather in this case seems to be the result of an El Nino in the Pacific, a natural event, although one could argue that the severity of the impacts from the El Nino and the frequency of El Nino events are affected by anthropogenic climate change.

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