Tuesday, December 15, 2015


As frequently noted herein, for about a year-and-a-half now I've been exclusively using my own, original photography to illustrate this blog.  Before that time, though, I used whatever images floated their way into my little corner of cyberspace, often posting the pictures without regard to or knowledge of their origin.

Yesterday, it was pointed out to me by the creator of one such piece that back in early 2011 I had posted his original artwork without attribution or credit, a violation of his copyright to the photograph.  He was polite enough about his request, but asked me to either list him as the copyright holder or to take the post down.  I intended to comply with his request, of course, and caption the photograph as © the artist, but as I tried, I inadvertently erased the content of the post and before I could Ctrl-Z back to undo my erasure, Blogger automatically saved the blank version of the post, and the photograph and the accompanying text were lost forever.

For the record, my intention in using other people's pictures was never to pass it off as my own, but instead to create a kind of pastiche of words and vision, my thoughts and internal monologue presented against a kind of collage of internet imagery, and to be honest, my decision to only use original artwork was not due to a sensitivity over copyright infringement as much as a realization one day that I had amassed enough digital imagery of my own to post a new pic per day of my own stuff, at least for the foreseeable future.

Anyway, sorry if I've stepped on anyone's toes or violated anyone's rights, copy- or otherwise. However, if anyone wants to use any of my pictures for whatever reason, have at it, anything I've released to the internet in my opinion belongs to the virtual cosmos and no longer to me. 

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Robin said...

Arrrgh! Blogger can be a cantankerous old coot at times. We all have similar stories.

I've always done my best to honour copyright on Rusty Ring, using my own photos or ones found on Wikimedia or other public domain sites, but occasionally I'll use one whose status I'm not entirely certain of. (Only when it's perfect for the post and I can't find anything else as good, and only then if I can't find a clear copyright notice.) Like you, I will happily comply with any copyright holder's request if I've overstepped.

And like you I give my own work to the world to use freely. A few of my pictures now appear in several corners of the Net, particularly those that have been picked up by Pinterest aficionados. Occasionally I Google an image or two just to see if anyone else has used it; once I surfed into a blog where a fellow blogger and readers were having a conversation about a topic I knew fairly well (having taken the photo that illustrated the post) and was able to answer some questions they'd raised. The author was grateful for my lack of possessiveness and my willingness to contribute.

I like your photos! I just may steal a few myself some day. (With attribution.)

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