Saturday, September 26, 2015

Scenes From The South Broad Street Block Party

On a momentous night for the advancement of Atlanta's downtown rejuvenation and growth of it's artistic community, the alternative weekly newspaper, Creative Loafing, celebrated its annual Best of Atlanta issue with a block party on South Broad Street.  South Broad, formerly the home to mostly abandoned shop fronts and a few marginal businesses, is being transformed with the assistance of The Goat Farm into a new arts district, with The Mammal Gallery and Eyedrum already operating in the area and new enterprises, such as Murmur and The Downtown Players Club, starting up.  The block party served not only to celebrate the Loaf's selections of the city's best but also as a formal debut of the Broad Street Arts District.

Here are some scenes from the celebration, and of what downtown can be made to look like.

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