Sunday, September 20, 2015

Another Brown Loaf

Today's koan was zucchini bread.

The point of the first koan was to follow a fairly complicated set of directions, including mixing at least three different batters, temporarily setting portions of some batters aside for use later, and then building up an apple crumb cake in layers.  

The point of the second koan was mindfulness in slicing cranberries for cranberry bread (and finding cranberries in Atlanta in September), and the point of the carrot bread koan was mindfulness in grating carrots.  

As it turns out, zucchinis are a lot easier to grate than carrots (higher water content), and the point of this fourth koan was in artfully substituting ingredients from the carrot cake recipe to account for the higher water content of the zucchini.  This includes an extra two tablespoons of flour to take up the extra moisture, as well as a half cup less zucchini than carrots. 

The zucchini bread is cooling right now and we'll find out how it tastes in the morning.  

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