Thursday, February 06, 2014

My New Office

First week at the new job, and already I'm out in the field doing environmental sampling in near-freezing weather.  In other words, exactly what I was doing my last week of being self-employed.  The only difference was last week I was west of Atlanta in Hiram, Georgia, and this week I was east of Atlanta in Stone Mountain, Georgia. 


Okay, another difference: this time, I know when I going to get paid for my work and can better forecast my finances.  It's not a matter of getting around to invoicing the client and then waiting weeks, months, to finally get paid.  Plus free health insurance!  

The down side is no longer being my own boss, working from my home in my comfortable clothes, and sleeping in as late as I like, or dare.  But, hey, after two years and two months, those perks can be easily divested for the bourgeois security of full time employment. Not to mention the glamour of working at job sites like this.

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Dean Ford said...

I'm sure you'll get used with the changes in no time, hehe! Meanwhile, your new office looks like it needs some renovation, don't you agree? You can suggest that the repairs be done by trusted professionals to ensure good results.

Dean Ford