Monday, July 29, 2013

Great Blue

Every day, it's been said, is a great day, but it's easier to realize this on some days than others.  Today was one of those easier days.

The weather today was about as nice as it gets in the Georgia summer.  The pattern we were in for so long of rain interrupted only by incessant, oppressive humidity finally took a break - today was warm (mid 80s) but dry, with the sun out most of the day.  I took a walk along poor, polluted Tanyard Creek today to enjoy the weather, and managed to catch sight of the great blue heron pictured above, a sign that life's returning to the challenged waterway.

This evening, I walked over to my neighbor's house for the Monday night meditation service -  a two-minute walk much more enjoyable than the former drive across town during rush hour.  We had a good turnout and a great sit, followed by an enjoyable and interesting conversation.  My only regret regarding the walk home is that it was only a two-minute walk and over all too soon.

Every day has the potential to be a good day.  Today, I was able to realize that potential.

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