Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Reward and Recognition

Back on March 07, 2005, I got an email from my Mom saying that it was her thirty-year anniversary working at the African Study Center at Boston University (BU), and all she got was a rose from her boss.  A rose, after 30 years.  I wondered if on her 50th anniversary, she could expect a blow to the head with a sack of flour.

Things change.  Today, a little over eight  years later, she has been selected among three longtime employees for this year’s John S. Perkins Distinguished Service Award in recognition of her dedication to the University. She received a plaque and $500 at a ceremony this afternoon (after office hours, of course!).  Here's the write-up from the BU web site recognizing her service:
At the African Studies Center (ASC), Joanne Hart supports the teaching, research, and service of the close to 100 faculty and researchers in 20 schools and departments throughout BU that are affiliated with the ASC. A colleague’s recommendation letter described her as a “key pillar” in the office, while another noted that the 38-year BU employee “has demonstrated excellence, dedication, and seriousness in the outstanding services she provided.” 
Hart says she was flabbergasted when she received the letter informing her of the award. “Actually, my first reaction was that perhaps this was a letter encouraging me to retire, maybe offering me an incentive,” she says. “When I saw that it was the Perkins, I couldn’t believe it. It’s a real honor and I appreciate it very much.”

Congratulations, Mom!  You deserve it!

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