Sunday, April 07, 2013

Spring, Rites of

Spring has finally made its belated appearance in the American South, bringing the world's shortest blossoming azaleas into bloom in my back yard and contributing to the recent lack of post in this blog.

It's been a funny winter - mild most of the season, and then suddenly finding its legs in the month of March, bringing some of the chilliest and most blustery weather of the winter just as I was committed to outdoor field work in Birmingham, southwest Atlanta, and Conley, Georgia.  But it's now April and things are finally warming up to the point where the blossoms that came out last year in March are finally making their belated  appearance.

Meanwhile, as you've probably heard, Atlanta is hosting the NCAA's Final Four championship this year, bringing its hordes of visitors and gridlocked traffic with it.  Given the weather, it seems fitting to observe March Madness in April.

Anyhow, with the tournament comes all of the sideshows and distractions that go with it, including a mini-festival in Centennial Park (built for the Olympics but made famous by right-wing domestic terrorist Eric Rudolph's bombing).

I missed My Morning Jacket (band) Friday night and didn't go on Saturday, but on this sunny Sunday afternoon I did brave the crowds and took MARTA downtown to see Portland's Blind Pilot perform.  

The music postings, banished to this blog's sister site Water Dissolves Music, aren't returning and this is merely a post about the pleasant weather and vernal rituals, so don't anticipate a return of the music postings here any time soon - I bring up the festivities only to point out that it is now spring and finally time to do such things.

It was actually quite a full day today.  First, I got to sleep in late (always an appreciated privilege here at the Shokai residence), and later that morning, after daily zazen, work on the aforementioned music blog for a while.  I finished with just enough time to drive to my nearest MARTA station and take the train downtown to Centennial Park for the concert, and then ride back home with just enough time to shower and have dinner with some neighbors.  That wrapped up in time to walk back home and watch Game of Thrones, and then, later, the season finale of Shameless.

And spring's just beginning . . . 

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