Saturday, January 26, 2013

All things in the universe have different names and forms, but they are all made from the same substance.   Substance, on the other hand, has no name and no form.  Energy, mind, god, and matter are names and forms.  Having name and form is having opposites. Formless substance is the Absolute.  

In thinking, all things are separated into opposites: good and bad, beautiful and ugly, mine and yours.  I like this; I don't like that.  I try to get happiness and avoid suffering.  People desire money, fame, sex, food, and rest.  All this desire is based on thinking.  Thinking is desire, and desire is suffering.  Suffering  means no world peace.  Not thinking is not suffering.  Not suffering means world peace.  World peace is the Absolute. The Absolute is I.

Not understanding yourself is not understanding the truth.  That is why there is fighting among ourselves.  If all the people in the world understood themselves, they would attain the Absolute.  Then the world would be at peace.

- Based on the teachings of Seung Sahn

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