Sunday, November 25, 2012


For the last several months (except for the annual zazenkai), I've been fortunate to have had company on my trips up to Chattanooga.  This month, it was Jason, a young Canadian in residence at the Atlanta Center for the autumn ango.

After the Sunday service, several of the senior members of the Chattanooga sangha (and a few relative newcomers) all went out to lunch at Sluggo's, a vegan restaurant, and had a planning session for 2013.  We'll continue to hold out annual Buddhapalooza event as well as our annual zazenkai, and several new events are in the planning stages, including expanding the zazen services from the current Sunday-only schedule to an additional weeknight.  The food was great.

Driving back, Jason and I had a great conversation about Zen and music.

I look forward to another year of practice with the Chattanooga sangha.

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