Sunday, September 02, 2012

Seattle - Day Three

Someone logging in as "Atlantatoseattle2015" (I swear it wasn't me!) posted the following comment to an article in The Seattle Times:
i envy anyone that lives in Seattle with its breathtaking skyline surrounded by the puget heat vibrant downtown.great outdoors all Atlanta..HEAT MIXED WITH BUGS AND MOSQUITOS, and stinging insects and 94% Humidty = misery to the highest human level AND MAKES YOU VERY,VERY ANGRY..want to do anything in the summer in the hell called Atlanta FORGET ABOUT IT!!!!YOU WILL START SWEATING AS EARLY AS 4 AM...SEATTLE YOU GOT IT GOOD OUT THIER WHAT A LIFE YOU PEOPLE LIVE!! BE THANKFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So far, the comment got three "likes" and no "unlikes."  Not to take anything away from Seattle and its lovely scenery, weather, and people, but I feel sad that the author has such bad feelings about our mutual hometown.  I also feel bad that the exclamation point button on his keyboard is apparently stuck.

Anyway, beyond the lovely scenery, here are some pictures from today of the lovely people of Seattle.

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