Thursday, September 20, 2012

Athens, Georgia

I was in Athens, Georgia for much of the day today, meeting with a client and preparing a site for some test work early next month.  As a bonus, the client took me to lunch at an Athens restaurant called Weaver D's, the inspiration for the somewhat maudlin REM album Automatic for the People.

Now, there's nothing extraordinary about that.  Most University of Georgia students, as well as faculty and staff, have probably eaten there at one time or another.  And although I like REM well enough, I'm not a major fan and don't tick off my life accomplishments by the things that I may or may not have in common with them.  And although the food was good (I had barbecued chicken, green beans, and buttered potatoes. with sweet tea), I won't necessarily remember the experience solely for its gastronomic values.

Still, it was pretty cool, though.

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