Thursday, July 26, 2012


In a society that almost demands life at double time, speed and addictions numb us to our own experience.  In such a society it is almost impossible to settle into our bodies or stay connected with our hearts, let alone connect with one another or the earth where we live (Jack Kornfield).

Our lives are lived in intense and anxious struggle, in a swirl of speed and aggression, in competing, grasping, possessing, and achieving, forever burdening ourselves with extraneous activities and preoccupations (Soygal Rinpoche).

Simplifying our lives does not mean sinking into idleness, but on the contrary, getting rid of the most subtle aspect of laziness: the one which makes us take on thousands of less important activities (Matthieu Ricard).

Western laziness consists of cramming our lives with compulsive activity, so that there is no time at all to confront the real issues (Sogyal Rinpoche).
Three voices from different Buddhist traditions (Tibetan and Vipassana) converging on an application of ancient wisdom to a moderm problem.

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