Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lindbergh Station

It appears that between the heat and the humidity of mid July, people are simply collapsing on the streets of Atlanta.

Another one down, and the crowd of curious onlookers can only watch.

It looks like she's recovering, to her friend's great relief.

Or is something else going on here?  There people all look familiar, and their motions seem a little affected.  

As readers of this blog already know, these are gloATL dancers, in another installment of their Liquid Culture series of street performances in Atlanta, this one at MARTA's Lindbergh Station.

The performance actually started below ground in the cool subterranean depths of the train station.

Eventually, the troupe worked their way up to the street-level gates, and emerged into the daylight.

Unlike Saturday's performance in Midtown, there was no music, live or recorded, to accompany the dancers, giving their performance  a noticeably more abstract feel.

In the end, one dancer was left behind, all alone as if waiting for a bus (waiting for Godot?) that would never come.  All the other dancers had left, the audience got distracted and either went their separate ways or loitered in conversations among each other. She remained there motionless, just waiting.  The end. 

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