Thursday, May 31, 2012

Prostrating to the Marrow of Attainment

"There are in our country daughters of emperors, or ministers’ daughters who become queens’ consorts, or queens who are titled with the names of temples. In any case, those who are monks in appearance only and who crave fame and love gain, never fail to run to the house of such a woman and strike their head at her clogs.  They are far inferior to serfs following a lord.  Moreover, many of them actually become her servants for a period of years.  How pitiful they are.  Having been born in a minor nation in a remote land, they do not even know a bad custom like this for what it is. There was never such ignorance in India and China,   but only in our country. It is lamentable." - Zen Master Dogen, from Raihai-tokuzui (Chapter 8 of the  Shobogenzo), 1240  

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