Sunday, May 06, 2012

Hope for Agoldensummer

"Hope for Agoldensummer, one of the warmest and most appealing groups to emerge from the musically fertile town of Athens, Georgia, just released its fourth album, Life Inside the Body.  The group, founded a decade ago by two sisters, Claire and Page Campbell, has gone through numerous lineup changes, but the sound has always centered on the sisters' arrestingly beautiful and gentle vocal harmonies.  The new record, its best yet, is highlighted by gems like Daniel Bloom, a love letter to a departed boyfriend, set to a laid-back Southern tempo and punctuated by ethereal Moog-synthesizer lines" (The New Yorker).
Hope for Agoldensummer perform tonight at The Goat Farm, but I won't get to see them.  After working all weekend on two or three on-going projects, I have to pack and prepare for an out-of-town trip all of next week (Birmingham).  Plus clean the house for the cat-sitter.

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