Thursday, May 17, 2012

Georgia: "At Least We're Not Alabama"

The good news for the day is the field work for the Birmingham project is now over and I got to return home to Atlanta this evening.  The project terminated unexpectedly, and the Holiday Inn at which I was staying allowed me to check out at 5:00 pm without charging me for an extra day.  I'm once again posting from the comforts of my own home.

Georgia has got to have some of the nation's ugliest "Welcome" road signs.What a mess, what with the unfortunate looking peach and  the 16-year-old Olympics logo.  As hard as it is to accept that the Olympics actually were 16 years ago, we still need to move on.  Something exceptional must surely have happened here since 1996.

But what's that in the lower left of the sign, next to the "Governor" in "Governor Nathan Deal"?  Can a frowny face Alabama really be a part of the Georgia welcome road sign?

If anyone knows anything more about what this is, please let me know, if only to satisfy my curiosity.  I hadn't noticed the sticker when I had snapped the picture, but now I find it hilarious that Governor Deal (a Republican, naturally) is apparently dissing the neighboring state on his welcoming road sign.

Georgia and Alabama have long had a football rivalry and there's the on-going tri-state water war between upstream Georgia and downstream Alabama and Florida, but this is ridiculous.

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