Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Twin Sister

Patchogue's Twin Sister, the pride of Long Island, play The Earl tonight.  Ava Luna open.  That's really all the information one needs for deciding to attend this show, but here's a video or two for those who need added incentive.

This will be my third time seeing Twin Sister.  I saw them at The Earl back in 2010 after hearing their Color Your Life EP, and was so impressed that I saw them again when they played at 529 in 2011.  They've since released a new full CD titled In Heaven, which singer Andrea Estella told me at 529 they wrote and recorded during the off-season in a summer house they rented in the Hamptons.  The album includes the songs Bad Street (posted here before) and Kimmi In A Rice Field (spooky video above).

The band once wrote that their goal is to make music to which one would feel comfortable cheating on someone, and I felt like I was cheating on them last September during MFNW.  They opened for EMA at Holocene, and while that would have been a great show, I chose to see Suuns, Talkdemonic, and Handsome Furs at Branx instead (I even managed to squeeze in a Damian Jurado set at the nearby Bunk Bar that night).  My point isn't to drop names, though, but to say that my loyalty to Twin Sister is so strong, I literally felt like I was cheating on them by watching other bands that night.

I'm also looking forward to seeing the opening act, Ava Luna.  Just about 100% of what I know about the band is in these two videos, but from what I hear I think that I will like them.  The two songs below suggest a sort of Dirty-Projectors-meet-Pickwick sound - just the sort of thing I'm a sucker for.

Pictures, etc., will be posted here soon.  Meanwhile, enjoy the music, or better yet, come to the show!

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