Thursday, December 29, 2011

Diamond Rugs

Last we saw John McCauley (Deer Tick), he was crawling out a barroom window in Wellfleet, Massachusetts while performing an early rendition of Christmas In a Chinese Restaurant.  Here he is doing an acoustic version of the song:

In retrospect, it might have been more season-appropriate to post this version on Christmas Day rather than the barroom version.

Anyway, Mr. McCauley has apparently relocated to Nashville to work on a new spin-off band, Diamond Rugs ("Damn I Am On Drugs"), who are making their very first public appearance tonight at  (where else?) The Earl in East Atlanta Village.

I have tickets.

Diamond Rugs reportedly consist of Mr. McCauley (Deer Tick), Ian Saint Pe (Black Lips), and Hardy Morris (Dead Confederate) on vocals and guitar;  Steve Berlin (Los Lobos) on horns and keyboards;  Robbie Crowell (Deer Tick) on bass, saxophone, and keyboards; and Bryan Dufresne (Six Finger Satellite) on drums.  Guest musicians reportedly include Bryan Minto (harmonica), Bucky Baxter and Spencer Collum (pedal steel), Oscar Utterström (trombone), and JP Frappier (trumpet).  They have a record coming out in Spring 2012.

Dead Confederate are opening.

Tonight will also mark my first visit back to The Earl since Rocktober, and I'm looking forward to a delicious Earl-burger (side of fries, a pickle, and a Yuengling lager) almost as much as the show itself.  As it turns out, you can survive on a diet of rice and fruit, but an occasional caloric splurge from time to time doesn't hurt, either.  Given that today is the 29th of December, it's probably safe to say this will be my last visit to The Earl in 2011, but I already have tickets for next year, starting with Twin Sister on January 25.

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