Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Night Videos: St. Vincent

Sold out.  But this time (unlike TuneYards and Beirut) I got my tickets first.

I know I've posted this video here before, but the scene at the 0:55-minute mark still breaks my heart every time I watch it (it might be the teddy bear).

Here's the same song, acoustic version:

And one more for good measure:

Update:  Here are the pics from the show.

Cate Le Bon:

Welsh singer/guitarist opened with a solo set of folksy vocals accompanied by her electric guitar.  She said it was her first time in Atlanta.

St. Vincent:

Annie Clark brought both glamour and gusto to The Earl, providing her own lighting to the normally dark club, the better to watch her sing and shred some guitar.  She played Cruel fairly early in her set and Year of the Tiger late, and just about everything else in between.  The crowd was even larger than the Wednesday night turnout for Blind Pilot.

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