Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gearhead Talk

I bought a new camera for the travels coming up over the next six weeks or so.  After a little on-line research, I selected the Canon SX-230, both for its portability (it's a little point-and-shoot that easily fits into a pocket or a knapsack) as well as for its 14x optical zoom, its 12.1 megapixels, its built-in flash, and its on-board GPS.

The picture above is my first with the new camera, appropriately of Eliot wondering with what new toy I'm playing.  He always has to be a part of everything that I do, which is a part of the reason that I love him.  

But the main reason I selected the Canon SX-230 is for its light-seeking f 3.1 at wide angle (equivalent to 28 mm).  Most digital cameras perform poorly under low-light conditions, part of the reason that one finds so many grainy, blurry concert pictures on this blog and elsewhere.  I took the above picture in my backyard at around 8:30 pm, when the evening was clearly approaching dark (note lack of shadows), to test out the camera's performance in low light, and I'm happy with the results - happier than I am about that crack in the retaining wall.

Hopefully, this will mean an end to those god-awful treated concert pictures that I've been posting, and to greater clarity in the future.

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