Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Don't really have much left to say today - I've been watching a live webcast of Broken Social Scene perform at Terminal 5 in New York, and I'm a little bit speechless. I've posted videos of them on this blog before here and here, and I've got tickets to see them at the Buckhead Theater on February 10 - if the show is anything like what I've just seen, then I'm in for quite a treat.

Work has been busy, but in a fun way - I took a prospective client out to lunch today at one of my favorite seafood restaurants in Atlanta (Six Feet Under); I had catfish tacos. Tomorrow, I meet with a current client at his new development, a very cool little artist's colony in a 19th Century industrial complex on the west side of town. Scenes from the AMC zombie mini-series The Walking Dead were filmed there. And today I learned that a trip I was supposed to make next week to Huntsville, Alabama, which would have interfered with my Monday Night Zazen schedule, has been replaced by a video-conference (gotta love technology). And on top of all this, I'm preparing, both mentally and logistically, for this weekend's zazenkai up in Chattanooga.

So basically, after the holidays and snowbound break last week, I'm back up to speed on my usual full-tilt catastrophe.

Oh, and the Broken Social Scene webcast is still airing.

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