Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Strange Boys

Saturday night's concert at The Tabernacle opened with Austin, Texas' Strange Boys. The boys in the Strange Boys are young, yet their music is an interesting mixture of 60's garage rock, surf music and psychedelic pop - music that would not have sounded out of place in 1968, 25 years before they were probably born.

For some reason, vocalist/sax player Jenna Thornhill-DeWitt, who quit the now-defunct Mika Miko to join the Strange Boys, was not with the band at the Atlanta show, even though she can be heard on their latest album. Here they are performing Be Brave with her at the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin last November.

Regardless, they still put on a good show in Atlanta, opening up for Spoon. They have a new album out and have kindly put in on-line and made available this little gadget with which to hear it. Enjoy.

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