Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Night Video - Mayer Hawthorne

I'm not sure exactly when Water Dissolves Water became a music blog, but in any event, for Friday Night Videos I give you a preview of tomorrow night's performance by Mayer Hawthorne. He plays at The Loft, just around the corner from my little house.

What amazes me about Hawthorne is how he manges to channel the sound of Curtis Mayfield and Smoky Robinson. The first time you hear a song of his, you immediately think it's some long-forgotten cut by Isaac Hayes or Barry White, but he writes all original songs - they just sound like classic Motown or Philadelphia soul. The falsetto doesn't hurt any, either.

In addition to it's retro sound, Just Ain't Gonna Work Out has to be one of the sweetest, gentlest break-up songs ever written:

One last one below, covering Electric Light Orchestra (of all things). If you're in the mood for another, I posted a different vid by him a month or so ago back here.

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