Sunday, February 14, 2010

Iron Man

The temperatures warmed up into the high 40s today, maybe even the 50s, and melted away most of Friday night's snow. Everything outside is slightly soaked with meltwater.

Baso asked, “How can you possibly make a mirror by polishing a tile?”

Without relying on the strength of anyone else, it was truly an iron man that was polishing the tile. The term iron man is used here to demonstrate the level of strength and determination one needs in order to be successful in training.

Even so, polishing a tile does not make a mirror. Making a physical mirror takes time. Although it has always been a mirror, "making a mirror" may be described as instantaneous. The making of a spiritual mirror, that is, awakening through practice, is instantaneous.

(adapted from Shobogenzo Zazenshin by Zen Master Dogen, 1242)

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