Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Put A Fork In It - The Election's Finally Over

So, old race-baiting, handicapped-bashing Saxby Chambliss won the run-off election in Georgia. What did you expect? He had beaten Jim Martin the first time around, when Martin had all the advantage of the surge in Obama voter turnout - did you think he would lose a second time around?

Like on election day, I got up extra early again yesterday morning and went to the polling place before work. There were no lines this time; in fact, there was only one other voter at the station (plus about a dozen poll workers). I cast my vote for Martin, just to keep him in the running and give him a fighting chance, but didn't really expect to see a Democratic victory.

So the Republicans seem to have prevented the filibuster-proof, 60-seat majority in the Senate they were looking for. No reason to worry - in fact, a little balance of power might not be the worst thing in the world.

But OMG - WTF is this? Notice Saxby's hands about 25 seconds into the video. "I'm Saxby Chambliss, and I sure do approve this message." Do I now have to refer to him as race-baiting, handicapped-bashing, child molester Saxby Chambliss? This ad aired extensively on Thanksgiving Day - I saw it myself. This raises three questions:
  1. What the hell's he doing?
  2. If this is the take the producers used, what were the outtakes like?
  3. What exactly does a Republican have to do not to get elected in Georgia?

So now for the next, I don't know what, six years?, I'm going to be represented in the Senate by Uncle Touchy?

Update: A fourth question just occurred to me. How would people have reacted if Obama had behaved the same way?

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