Sunday, November 12, 2006

I'm typing in this entry while sitting at a Mac in my mother's kitchen.

I'm not a big fan of Macs - especially this one sitting in my mother's kitchen. I know they have their fans - apparently devoted ones based on their brand loyalty - but I simply think they know not what they're missing.

Anyway, I'm in Boston, having successfully navigated Delta's air transit system between Hartsfield and Logan. From the airport, I took a cab to Mom's house, which had to detour through Chinatown (the cab, not my Mom's house) because the bridge between the airport and the Mass Pike is still closed after partially collapsing last summer and killing a hapless motorist.

I don't know how much Massachusetts had to pay for the "Big Dig," but if I were them, I would be pretty upset to have to have it closed for repairs a mere few months after opening. If that had happened in Georgia, someone would be out of a job by now.

Republicans are probably wondering how we could blame this on Clinton.

Anyway, shortly after arriving at Mom's, she and I headed up to the Town of Methuen, Mass. for dinner and visiting at my sister and brother-in-law's house. A fine time was had by all.

And that's about it so far. Today, we'll watch the Patriot's game (american football), apparently a Boston ritual, and then I check into my Downtown Hotel for the rest of the week.

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GreenSmile said...

this is lame but I just have to point out that Macs do not have fans thats why they are so quiet and that is one reason some people just won't have any other computer. The hardware distinctions between Mac and PC otherwise grow fewer with each new model.

15 billion. the original estimate was 2 billion and it started going up the minute they stuck a shovel in the first piece of taken land. Graft and theft were probably ongoing but only a few got caught and a number of political appointees to the turnpike authority were fired more out of political expedience than for proven incompetance. What pisses me off is that [1] they made it faster to get into a town with a car and didn't add one dam parking place and [2] with the a small part of the cost overruns, they could have extened all the subways by a mile or added 5 miles to the bus routes...thus eliminating the need for all of the new road capacity except the new harbor tunnels.

the guy who was in charge of the tunnel at the time of the roof collapse was sent packing. We have had Republican governors for 16 years...the entire span of the project.

As it turns out we were in the Westin for the weekend ...a get away gift from relatives...might have crossed paths.