Saturday, September 17, 2005

Death of a Hewlett Packard

Well, my television set is now in the repair shop for the third week. I don't think it's that badly damaged, I think the repair shop is that incompetent. Calling them (they never call me, despite their promises), they have one excuse after the other, from "the part was delivered too early for us to get it" (in other words, "we slept too late to meet UPS") to "the technician is out all this week" (in other words, "we can't fix it ourselves, and have to call in for help").

But worse things can happen than I go without t.v. for three weeks. At least I have the internet.

Or so I thought. As I have been predicting for some time now, my computer's been slowly dying and this afternoon it finally gave up the ghost altogether. Dead. A useless pile of electronic components.

For some reason (premonition?), I brought my office laptop home with me this weekend, which is why I'm able to post this.

So I'm off to Comp U.S.A., I guess, to buy a new computer.

My old H.P., for those wondering, was purchased in May 2001, so I got 4 years out of it.

I suppose the stereo's due to go out next here at Shokai's House of Dysfunctional Electronics.

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shyloh said...

Comp U.S.A is a great place. I bought my first computer from there. The people were great about getting back if there was a problem.

Sorry about your t.v. Maybe one or two more weeks ha.