Sunday, June 12, 2005

Happy 20,000!

At 5:56:50 pm today, a user on the East Coast of the United States, who had performed a Google image search for David Bowie, became the 20,000th visitor to "Buddha Rhubarb Butter," formerly known as "Water Dissolves Water." The lucky visitor runs Windows XP on his/her computer ("lucky" because unlike me, he/she could run iTunes software) and uses a Netscape 7.2 browser.

Congratulations, my friend. I hope that you enjoyed the picture. As your prize, here's three more pictures of Mr. Bowie, in the same caricaturist style.

Just two weeks ago, I had only 17,000 hits, and was plugging alone at less than 50 hits per day, so I figured that it would take me at least another two months to get to this historic milestone. However, beginning in June, this blog was "re-discovered" by all of the Google picture seekers (affectionately termed the "Googling monkeys" a la "The Note"), and at over 200 hits per day, I reached 20,000 in under two weeks. I've already gotten almost as many hits this month as during all of April and May combined.

Not that there's any merit in that.

There's very little evidence in the sky today of Tropical Depression Arlene. The weather alternates between sunshine, overcast and light rain - in other words, no different than it's been since the Memorial Day weekend. However, it is notably warmer and more humid than it was yesterday - now that the low-pressure cell has moved to the north of us, all of that moist Gulf Coast air is dragging along behind it. I went for a sweaty run through the 'hood anyway, and got caught in the rain toward the end, which only encouraged me to keep running harder and faster toward the end in order to get back home and under some shelter.

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