Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Private Idaho

I'm a boring guy. I tend to spend a lot of time home. Alone. Not doing anything in particular.

This isn't a problem for me. My friend L. actively seeks out "down" time to be home alone, but I find that it is just naturally part of my life, so I don't have to seek it out.

Until lately, that is. As you can tell by the recent blog entries, I've been on the "go" almost every day for weeks now. On Thursday, July 29, I headed to Saint Simons after the cat rodeo. The Environmental Law Seminar lasted through Friday and into Saturday, when I had to drive from Saint Simons to the Atlanta Airport to fly to Budapest (stopping for cranberry juice on the way). Then, I was in Budapest Sunday through Friday, out to the movies ("The Corporation") in Atlanta the next Saturday night, and finally had one night to myself that Sunday (August 8). But then I had to open the Zen Center the next Monday night, and started packing for the move to my new house on Tuesday through Thursday (with my friend L. stopping by on Wednesday and Thursday nights). Friday, August 13th, was the actual move, Saturday, August 14th, was Norah Jones, and Sunday was dinner at L.'s. On the next Monday, I was opening the Zen Center again, Tuesday night it was dinner at L's again, and on Wednesday night I had to fix up the guest room in my new house for my Mom's visit on Thursday afternoon through the following Monday morning, the evening of which I was back at the Zen Center.


Not that I'm complaining though. It was all a blast, and I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat.

But tonight, Tuesday evening, I finally have the chance to be boring - stay at home, pay some bills, catch up on some reading, watch TV and just kind of veg out.

Nirvana is where you find it.

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